Friday, May 23, 2008

GDP vs Dirty Money

There is no doubt that in order for music to survive, genres are going to have cross paths and link together. GDP and Dirty Money are doing just that. First, they are releasing a four song split 7inch on Division East/Thunderstruck Records. To promote their vinyl, both acts have hit the road.

First, the vinyl. You can stream the entire four song effort by logging on to Pure Volume. Each act has contributed two songs. Florida punk rockers Dirty Money have thrown down "Not Alone" and "Weary Nights" while GDP, along with DJ Prime, have contributed "Succumb" and "Decades."

Check out GDP's "Succumb" video:

The tour will focus mainly on the eastern half of the US with the lone exception being shops in Santa Fe, NM, and Oklahoma City.

For more information, click on the name of the band below:
Dirty Money

or log on to Division East Records' website.


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