Sunday, July 29, 2007

John Vanderslice

The name of his latest release is Emerald City, and while you may not find any men behind curtains, John Vanderslice does once again perform musical wizardry. Paste Magazine proclaims, "Emerald City is vividly imagined yet subtle in tone, with conflicted character sketches unfolding around somber synth melodies, creaky electronic effects, and fuzzy acoustic guitar strums. Vanderslice is a master storyteller."

Barsuk Records is also releasing a vinyl version of Emerald City. In the meantime, Vanderslice is hitting the road from August to October. Check out the Barsuk website for his "time To Go" video.

mp3: White Dove

Barsuk Records
myspace page

Photo by Autumn DeWilde


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