Monday, May 01, 2006

News From The Great Beyond

MEASLES MUMPS RUBELLA will be releasing a remixed single for "Dynamic Disaster" this summer. Contributing to the project will be Ad Rock of the Beastie Boys. Other producers lending a hand will include DJ John Selway (Asphodel / Serotonin), Jonathan Kreinik (engineer of the band's debut Fantastic Success) and renowned sound artist Toshio Kashiwara (collaborator with Christian Marclay, DJ Olive, Tim Barnes). Measles Mumps Rubella are currently on tour supporting Fantastic Success, available on the Doubling Cube Records imprint.

It appears Ambulette have hits some hard times. Here's a press release via the band's publicist:

In an increasingly common occurance, Ambulette awoke this week, midst their tour opening for Dredg, only to find their gear had been stolen. The band offered the following statement on their Myspace page:

"We stayed at the Extended Stay Hotel near the airport in Philly on Sunday night. Sometime between 1am and sunrise, our van was broken in to (popped the lock on the driver's side door) and the majority of our equipment was taken. Between 9:45 and 10:45 a.m., Matt was guilt-tripped by the two Philly beat cops on the scene for being "too damn optimistic" to leave anything valuable in the van overnight (it's worth noting that neither of the same two officers there to make the OFFICIAL POLICE REPORT thought that it was neccessary to get out of their squad car to investigate, not even once, despite the loss of $15,000 to $20000 worth of equipment; I love everybody, including the police, no kidding, but come on...). No one was hurt, and we have insurance that should help cover most or all of the loss, though much of the stuff ('59 Jazzmaster, anyone?) is irreplaceable.

So, if you're our friend, here's a partial list of things that were stolen from us Monday morning in Philadelphia:

- 1959 Fender Jazzmaster - white w/ white headstock, tortoise shell pick guard
- 1974 (?) Gibson SG - brown/natural finish
- 2003 Fender "deluxe american" Telecaster - sunburst w/ white binding, pick guard
- 1977 Fender Precision Bass - black w/ black pickguard, maple neck

- new Clavia Nord Electro - 72 keys, in SKB hard case

- 1969 (?) Matamp ("Orange") OR100 Head - in flight case, with modified power jack-newer Dr. Z "Presciption" (***not "Prescription - note the misspelling; the amp was made that way) white, in flight case
- newer Dr. Z 2x12" speaker cabinet - red
- 1960's Fender Champ - Tweed
- Traynor YBA1 Bassmaster Head

- 16" Ludwig Vista Lite - Clear, in SKB case

- Fulltone Tube Tape Echo (in Pelican case w/ Champ Amp)

effects together in a pedal board/flight case:
- Demeter Compulator
- Chicago Iron works Parachute wah wah
- Fulltone Fulldrive
- Electro Harmonix Big Muff
- Demeter Tremolo
- Z Vex Lo Fi Loop Junky
- Ernie Ball Volume Pedal-Keeley Katana
- Peterson Strobe Tuner

If you're on the east coast (Philly, NYC, D.C., Delaware, etc.), and you see these things anywhere, please let us know. If you're a wacko super-fan and know our equipment better than we do ourselves, and are POSITIVE that what you're trying out at the pawn shop in Stroudsburg or Wilkes-Barre or Rochester or Secacus (etc...) used to belong to us, feel free to call the police before getting in touch with us.

In the mean time, thanks to Dredg and Ours and their crews for being kind enough to let us use their equipment every night so that we might finish this portion of the tour. We fully intend to play every night, so to answer a commonly asked question: YES, we will be playing all of the Rainer Maria dates, as planned. And if you're a gear thief, please let us know where you put our stuff."


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